30 April, 2016

Exhibtion “The Fall”

This exhibition is probably one of the most difficult jobs I have done so far. Everything arises from the hospitalization of my mother. It was a hard time, as anyone can understand, when a loved one is in its lowest moments.

By overcoming the part of hospital (The fall) now it was time for the recovery process. So I proposed to her, to do something together to get something good out of all this.

During the next few months, I was able to witness how she was achieving small victories. So I wanted to capture all those emotions that arise in the process of falling into hell and rising from her ashes.

It has been a very personal work and when we started it , we agreed that for the day of the opening it would be the last step of the process because she would enter walking again. And she will do it.

So join us in this opening that will be very special for us.


Place: Dr. Steam Café
Calle Olivar 17,
28012 Madrid,
Date: April 30th to May 28th, 2016.