3 December, 2017

FIL – International Book Fair of Guadalajara, Mexico

El amante alemán de Julián Martínez

“El amante alemán” by Julián Martínez

A couple of months ago my friend Julián Martínez, who is an actor, writer and whatever it takes, published his first novel “El amante alemán”. The promotion has been very intense and is working very well, which makes me very happy. He was informed that he was part of the commission that represented Madrid as a Guest of honor city at the International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico 2017 (FIL).

When he told me the news, it seemed an incredible opportunity for him. His book took an international path and began his journey in my land. I could not be more happier for him: I recommended thousands of things to do, to see etc. … It was a big surprise when he told me that he need to provide a photograph of him for the printed catalog and the website of the fair and that he wanted me to made the photograph. Without thinking twice, I said yes and we started to work on the idea, and we prepared the session.

It was a very funny session. It is always very easy to work together. We were outdoors, with an incredible light and everything was very interesting. So after a couple of hours we finally had the picture.

We uploaded pictures of the session on social networks, to start making noise, while Julián continued his promotional campaign all over Spain. The photo we had chosen was already in the hands of the fair and we kept it with suspicion. We did not want to reveal it until the fair started and his lectures were programmed .

So we had to wait a couple of months, but finally Julián went to Mexico at the end of 2017. From what he could tell me, it was an incredible experience and had all the success that was expected. He sent photos of the fair, of his lectures and when he finally had the catalog printed in his hand, he sent it to me. We were both very happy for their success and for seeing our work reflected together. Now I have my first print publication in Mexico on my bookshelf and I could not be happier.

The path of the book follows its course and I know that it will keep bringing many joys to my dear friend.

You should read it!

To Julián: Congratulations and thank you for let me be part of this adventure. For many more.”